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December 28th, 2012 by admin

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Obstacle Course Racing Vs. Adventure Racing

December 10th, 2012 by admin

You have probably heard the phrases “adventure racing” and “obstacle course racing” and most people automatically think they are the same. The reality is, despite the different disciplines involved in both styles, they are worlds apart.

An adventure race will typically have a timed course in which participants will participate in teams. They will be challenged in disciplines such as cross-country running, kayaking, climbing, and mountain biking. Other related skills may be needed, depending on how the course is set up. These races will require strength, stamina and possibly other specific skills, such as rock and rope climbing.

Obstacle course racing involves running a course, usually between four miles to marathon distance lengths, consisting of 20 or more obstacles. Competing in obstacle course racing will also require strength and stamina, but you will also need speed and dexterity in order to traverse many of the obstacles.

Throughout an obstacle course race, you will climb ropes, climb over and under obstacles, and more often than not will be climbing through mud. In obstacle course racing organized by Superhero Scramble you will also get the thrill of making your way through a pit of green slime, which is always a participant favorite.

What’s the difference between Adventure and Obstacle Course Racing?

While adventure races are designed for people to work together as a team, obstacle course racing is aimed at individual competition. These races will test not only your strength and stamina, but they will also test how well you can adapt to the challenges thrown in front of you. Nearly all obstacle course racing competitions are designed to test your physical and mental capabilities.

No one entering obstacle course racing competition goes into it expecting to lose, nor do they expect to not meet their own expectations. The races designed by Superhero Scramble are there to make you feel unsure of yourself and your abilities. In fact, initially they will actually try to break your spirit. Obstacle course racing will force you to reach deep inside yourself, to pull out all of the reserve strength and intestinal fortitude you can muster, and to then use it to successfully complete the race.
In fact, finishing the race is one of the best rewards competitors receive, and most will admit that by participating, they’ve learned more about their inner strength than they thought possible!

For more information about Obstacle Course Racing, check out Superhero Scramble!

Mudder Run Tests Your Tenacity

December 10th, 2012 by admin

If you think it’s a piece of cake to win the Superhero Scramble, you haven’t seen the mudder run obstacle course race. It isn’t just about trying to plod through the mud. It’s a test of your determination, requiring you to finish one of the toughest obstacle course races known to humankind and will require all of your strength and stamina to merely reach the finish line.

Those entering into a mudder run race for the first time can expect to be tested like never before. At a Superhero Scramble mudder run race, reaching the finish line is only part of the excitement. Getting there first will take everything you’ve got! Just imagine running the Superhero Scramble obstacle race and then add tons of mud thrown into the course as you scale obstacles, carry extra weight and bond with the Earth in ways you never thought possible.

Superhero Scramble Mudder Run Obstacle Courses

The mudder run is without a doubt one of the most challenging obstacles ever devised. It pits every entrant not only against other competitors, but also against their own inner strength. Of course, it will take more than average physical strength and endurance to win a mudder run. Tapping into your physical and mental reserves will be one of the main requirements of this type of obstacle race if you want to be successful.

You can only imagine competing in a cross-country race where you are confronted by so many challenging obstacles that your body is begging you to admit defeat. But, many people admit after they participate in these extreme races, they feel more confident and capable than ever before. They learn things about their body and their emotional strength they could never learn in a gym. The only way to truly know what you have inside is to take on the mudder run obstacle course race through a Superhero Scramble obstacle course.

For more information about Mudder Run races, check out Superhero Scramble!

Making it through a Mud Obstacle Course Race

December 10th, 2012 by admin

Obstacle course races can be a blast! But, if you’re looking for an additional challenge, the mud obstacle races offer just that. When mud is added to the obstacle races at Superhero Scramble, competitors will face new and thrilling physical challenges. They allow those who don’t mind getting a little dirty a chance to really show themselves and others what they’re made of!

When it comes to mud obstacle course racing, the proof is in the mud. You may initially think it sounds easy, but close your eyes an envision yourself climbing a rope to the top of an obstacle. Imagine yourself sliding down the other side into a deep pile of mud. Immediately your feet will sink down into the heavy mud pool and make it extremely hard for you to wiggle loose. Still sound easy?

Why Mud Obstacle Course Races Are The Best

All obstacle races are held outdoors and typically consist of from 4 miles to marathon distances of physically and mentally challenging fun. In addition to the mud features, you can also expect to encounter pits of green slime and shallow pools of water. It’s not a race for the weak!

Some people might question why anyone would subject themselves to such a challenge.
The answer is simple: Because they can!

Those who love a great challenge and are extremely active can find a mud obstacle course race to be one of the toughest challenges they will face in their life. It can help them prove they have what it takes to accept a real challenge and finish what they start, which can then translate to all other areas of their life. It can instill confidence and drive in those who need a great self-confidence boost.

In order to be successful in completing a mud obstacle course race, you will need to train beforehand and be full of determination throughout the entire process. Some competitors consider the added mud just another obstacle in their life they need to overcome and face. Thus, they enter into the race with drive and determination, like they do with many other challenges they face in the real world. The big difference is that during a Superhero Scramble mud obstacle course race, the mud will not be willing to compromise and you will learn to simply take what it gives you and make it work in your favor.

For more informatioin about Mud Obstacle Course races, check out Superhero Scramble!

Get Fit With Obstacle Course Race Training

December 10th, 2012 by admin

Even the fittest athletes would never consider entering a marathon without training! So, before you sign up for an obstacle course race, training will be needed to improve your chances of being successful in the challenge. When you participate in an extreme obstacle course race, your body and mind will be pushed to the limit. You will climb ropes, trot through mud and green slime, and test the endurance of every muscle in your body.

In order to be properly prepared, Superhero Scramble has developed obstacle course race training videos for future contestants. Most importantly, the train to race training videos will walk you through the steps needed for building your stamina and teach you how to loosen your muscles and joints, to reduce the chance of injury.

Before you get out to the obstacle course race training course, you will need to make sure your muscles are loose and your joints are capable of withstanding the extreme movements you will be requiring them to perform. Rotator joints in the shoulders and hips will be worked, to ensure you don’t injury yourself when the actual obstacle course race begins.

Why Use Obstacle Course Race Training?

Many of the obstacle course race training methods have been developed based on the actual obstacles you will encounter during a Superhero Scramble race. You will be asked to run, to climb up a wall of truck tires, to negotiate your way over them, to pick up weights and to ultimately carry them to the finish line. You will then go back and start over, repeating this exercise several times.

You will also make your way to a pile of truck tires placed against a van. You will climb up the tires and onto the van, making your way safely down the other side. Remember, you are entering an obstacle race not training for a leisurely walk in the park! Every part of your obstacle course race training will be done while you are running, to get you in the state of mind you need to complete each phase of the race, as fast as possible.

Not everyone will have the availability of the same equipment used by the trainers in the videos. But, you can adapt many other items seen in the obstacle course race train to race training videos with similar things you do have available to you. The important thing is to get your body ready for the stress you plan to subject it to during an obstacle course race and to ensure you are able to complete the race injury-free.

For more information about Obstacle Course Race Training, check out Superhero Scramble!

Challenge Yourself in an Extreme Obstacle Course Race

December 10th, 2012 by admin

An extreme obstacle course race has the ability to pick you up, slam you down and knock the ego right out of you. They are for those who are looking for a physical challenge unlike any other they’ve ever experienced before. An obstacle course race is ideal for those who want to prove to themselves they have what it takes to push their body to the limit.

In a typical obstacle adventure race, the grueling course (courses range from 4 miles long to marathon distances) offered is constructed around the natural terrain of the race’s location. As many as 20 obstacles will be looking to slap you around as you compete with friends and total strangers to see who can not only come in first, but just finish the extreme obstacle course race. While the races are designed to be physically challenging, they also challenge competitors mentally, pushing racers to their absolute limits.

An exciting physical and mental challenge is exactly what you can expect entering an extreme obstacle course race with Superhero Scramble. Expect to run. Expect to jump. Expect to slip in the mud, slime and water. All in all, an extreme obstacle course race will pit you not only against the course and other runners, it will pit you against your inner strength and determination.

Why run in an obstacle course race?

When your muscles start burning and you start to feel as if you have nothing left to physically contribute, it is what’s inside your mind and heart that will keep you moving to complete the extreme obstacle course race. It will be the ability to ignore the physical pain and accept the challenge in front of you that will make you a real superhero!

Signing up for an extreme obstacle course race with Superhero Scramble is the ultimate means of finding out if you have the grit and determination you need to be successful!

For more information about Obstacle Course Races, check out SuperheroScramble!

Test Your Spirit in an Obstacle Course Tough Mudders Race

December 9th, 2012 by admin

Being a successful participant in an obstacle course race requires stamina, strength, speed, and dexterity. Of course, if you compete in a tough mudders race, you will also need to add in plenty of internal resolve. Obstacle races organized by Superhero Scramble include sections of mud and are often thought of as mudders races because competitors will be slipping and sliding their way through mud pits.

Superhero Scramble travels around the country, organizing obstacle course races that range from four miles to marathon distances, and inviting those in the area with enough “get up and go” to physically and mentally challenge themselves. Training is essential, especially when considering the tough mudders race portion of the obstacles, due to the stamina needed just to make it through the mud.

If you are considering entering an obstacle and tough mudders race, understand you will be tested to your physical and mental max, which is why you should train to race. While you will be competing against others in the race for the first place crown, you are essentially competing against the course itself. You will run, jump, and climb like you have never done before. You will get wet, muddy, and dirty and unless you win you division, the only reward will be the fact you were able to actually finish.

What can I expect in Tough Mudders from Superhero Scramble?

Facing the 20 or more obstacles, on the four to six mile course, may seem difficult enough. Climbing ropes, running through rope ladders on the ground, and crawling or slithering to get under other obstacles may seem easy once you confront many of the same obstacles during a tough mudders race.

Courses are established throughout the country by Superhero Scramble and often include what some look at as a tough mudders race. But, the real test coming from all of the fun and exciting parts of the race is being able to finish. Even if you exercise regularly and are in excellent physical condition, a mudders race can still be an extreme challenge. For those who are not in top notch shape, the race could turn you into jelly by the end! But, finishing the tough mudders race can fill you with an extreme sense of accomplishment, often making it one of the most memorable things competitors have ever been a part of!

For more information about tough mudders races, check out Superhero Scramble!

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