Challenge Yourself in an Extreme Obstacle Course Race

December 10th, 2012 by admin

An extreme obstacle course race has the ability to pick you up, slam you down and knock the ego right out of you. They are for those who are looking for a physical challenge unlike any other they’ve ever experienced before. An obstacle course race is ideal for those who want to prove to themselves they have what it takes to push their body to the limit.

In a typical obstacle adventure race, the grueling course (courses range from 4 miles long to marathon distances) offered is constructed around the natural terrain of the race’s location. As many as 20 obstacles will be looking to slap you around as you compete with friends and total strangers to see who can not only come in first, but just finish the extreme obstacle course race. While the races are designed to be physically challenging, they also challenge competitors mentally, pushing racers to their absolute limits.

An exciting physical and mental challenge is exactly what you can expect entering an extreme obstacle course race with Superhero Scramble. Expect to run. Expect to jump. Expect to slip in the mud, slime and water. All in all, an extreme obstacle course race will pit you not only against the course and other runners, it will pit you against your inner strength and determination.

Why run in an obstacle course race?

When your muscles start burning and you start to feel as if you have nothing left to physically contribute, it is what’s inside your mind and heart that will keep you moving to complete the extreme obstacle course race. It will be the ability to ignore the physical pain and accept the challenge in front of you that will make you a real superhero!

Signing up for an extreme obstacle course race with Superhero Scramble is the ultimate means of finding out if you have the grit and determination you need to be successful!

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