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WENR Corporation, a publicly trading Utah corporation (Symbol: WNRC) with a 35+ year history, has announced that it has acquired Superhero Scramble, LLC, the Florida based obstacle racing organization, as well as control of Couch Potato Events, Inc.  WENR has also announced that it has changed its name to Superhero Scramble, Inc. (Utah).

WENR was originally established in 1978 as Western Energy, and was involved in the energy industry.  Years later, it acquired and managed media assets, involved in TV, radio, cable TV, internet, and related activities.  Now it moves into the area of active entertainment.

The public company is planning expansion through organic growth, future acquisitions, new divisions and activities, as well as international activities.

As part of the acquisition, the public company has announced that it will provide many additional and unique benefits for the tens of thousands who have raced in or attended Superhero Scramble events in the past, or who have registered for upcoming Superhero Scramble events.



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