SUPERHERO Point Series™

Scramble Gamble Adventure Run Winners

2014 is going to be an EPIC year for SUPERHEROES across the country!

New race locations, distances, obstacles, and the chance to become a SUPERHERO LEGEND.

SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE™ is raising the bar in obstacle racing. Competitors are now able to track their progress, see how they stack up against the competition, and be rewarded for training hard all year long.






SUPERHERO Point Series™

There is a men’s division, and a women’s division. A Maximum of 500 base points will be rewarded at each race for every category. 1st Place Time / Your Time X 500 points = Your base points. Your top 4 races will count.

The SCRAMBLE GAMBLE™ or competitive wave, open day waves, and open night waves are considered separate categories, therefore you can earn points up to 3 times in one day if there is a night race. The maximum amount of base points will be the same at all races, regardless of their length or difficulty.

You earn race completion points as well. Earn 1 point for completing a Charger, 2 points for an Intimidator, 4 points for a Villain, and 10 points for a Super Villain.

You can earn bonus points for running in the SCRAMBLE GAMBLE™ (20 points) and placing in the top 3 of your age group (1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point). There will also be 25 additional bonus points for anyone that participates in 5 races in 2014 races. (Remember, each category of race is considered 1 race so if you race the SCRAMBLE GAMBLE™, open day wave, and night wave in one day, you would be awarded points for 3 races.

The Prizes

  1. The top 25 male and female participants will be rewarded a SUPER PASS and SUPER SWAG Bucks
  2. The top 3 males and females in their respective age group will earn SUPER SWAG Bucks.