SUPERHEROES across the world get the SUPER TATT to represent and stand for something that has impacted them in a positive way. Once someone registers for a SCRAMBLE they will automatically push their life forward and start to have breakthroughs! It’s these breakthroughs that often represent why they got their SUPER TATT!

Be one of the next 100 to get a SUPER TATT & you will earn a free SUPER PASS!



Follow these instructions to make sure you qualify:

  1. Download, print, or take the the Logo with you. Get it here.
  2. Get your SUPER TATT (Must be the Full Logo) at your local Tattoo Shop.
  3. Take pictures & video and upload them to facebook and Youtube and make sure to tag SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE
  4. Send an email to with your pics and what your SUPER TATT represents and we will add you to the Honorary list and give you a promo code to get registered. If you already registered for a SCRAMBLE, we will reimburse you.
  5. You’re all set! Show the world what a SUPERHERO you are and that you SCRAMBLE for FREE with your SUPER PASS!

Super Tatts



The shops listed below are places we like and have chosen to partner with. You can get a SUPER TATT at your shop of choice.

Big Kahuna Tattooing and Piercing – Boca Raton, FL (Tell them we sent you for a SUPER discount)

BODYTECH Tattooing and Piercing – Gainesville, FL (For a limited time, they are offering FREE SUPER TATTS. Better hurry!)