Test Your Spirit in an Obstacle Course Tough Mudders Race

December 9th, 2012 by admin

Being a successful participant in an obstacle course race requires stamina, strength, speed, and dexterity. Of course, if you compete in a tough mudders race, you will also need to add in plenty of internal resolve. Obstacle races organized by Superhero Scramble include sections of mud and are often thought of as mudders races because competitors will be slipping and sliding their way through mud pits.

Superhero Scramble travels around the country, organizing obstacle course races that range from four miles to marathon distances, and inviting those in the area with enough “get up and go” to physically and mentally challenge themselves. Training is essential, especially when considering the tough mudders race portion of the obstacles, due to the stamina needed just to make it through the mud.

If you are considering entering an obstacle and tough mudders race, understand you will be tested to your physical and mental max, which is why you should train to race. While you will be competing against others in the race for the first place crown, you are essentially competing against the course itself. You will run, jump, and climb like you have never done before. You will get wet, muddy, and dirty and unless you win you division, the only reward will be the fact you were able to actually finish.

What can I expect in Tough Mudders from Superhero Scramble?

Facing the 20 or more obstacles, on the four to six mile course, may seem difficult enough. Climbing ropes, running through rope ladders on the ground, and crawling or slithering to get under other obstacles may seem easy once you confront many of the same obstacles during a tough mudders race.

Courses are established throughout the country by Superhero Scramble and often include what some look at as a tough mudders race. But, the real test coming from all of the fun and exciting parts of the race is being able to finish. Even if you exercise regularly and are in excellent physical condition, a mudders race can still be an extreme challenge. For those who are not in top notch shape, the race could turn you into jelly by the end! But, finishing the tough mudders race can fill you with an extreme sense of accomplishment, often making it one of the most memorable things competitors have ever been a part of!

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